At Highedge Solar (T) LTD, Tanzania, we offer design information and plans for solar water pumping.

The helical rotor solar pumps are best suited for deep well applications that require relatively low volumes of water while the centrifugal solar water pumps are best suited for shallow well applications (65í or less) where high volumes of water are needed.

All of the Lorentz solar water pumps will fit in a 4″ ID well casing or larger and require a 4-wire (3 conductor with ground) submersible cable. There is an optional low water sensor probe available which will prevent the pump from running dry as well as an AC power pack that will allow the Lorentz pumps to run off of a 120/240 VAC generator during an extended period of cloudy weather.

All Lorentz PS pumps water pumps can operate directly off of solar electric (photovoltaic or “PV “) panels, batteries or any DC power source. We are authorised distributors and installers of Lorentz submersible pumps here in Arusha, Tanzania. We offer full product information and Know how to all prospective users. Lorentz Full product warranty and support is provided by highedge solar (T) LTD.

Warrant details
Characteristics of Solar water pumping

– high reliability and life expectancy

– helical rotor or centrifugal pump, brushless motor

– high resistance to sand and corrosion

– fits 4″ and larger well casings


– deep well pumping

– drinking water supply

– livestock watering

– irrigation (pressurised and non-pressurised)

– pond management

– irrigation

Surface and pool pump

Surface and pool pump


Submersible pump

Submersible pump