We offer a complete group of services that will fit every need

Sales of solar components

  • Solar Panels ( 10 W to 300 W Mono-Crystalline, Poly-Crystalline, Thin-Film)
  • Lightings post (street, parking lots, parks, recreation areas, marinas,)
  • Inverters
  • Safety & Protection (batteries, charge controllers, combiner box, breakers, )
  • Pre configure system package

Design of solar systems and components

  • Residential Grid Tie & Off Grid systems
  • Commercial Grid tie systems
  • Industrial Grid tie systems
  • Solar street lighting
  • BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics)

Installation of complete solar systems

  • Ground or tilt mounted systems
  • Roof tile mounted systems
  • Tracking systems
  • Solar street lights

Consulting Services on designs & installations

  • Certification of systems by qualified engineers and technician
  • Installations by qualified technician

Equipment maintenance and Repair

Site preparations for solar systems